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Pools & Spas

shutterstock_101225254With average temperatures hovering around 90°F in the summer, Panama City Beach is the perfect place for a pool or spa. They not only keep you cool, but they are also great for entertaining friends and family. So be sure to check that your pool or spa is hooked up correctly with Haid Electric; you certainly don’t want to shock your guests.

Most people don’t realize how much electrical work it takes to keep a pool or spa running. From pumps and filters to heaters and lighting, many elements of a pool require a great deal of electrical wiring. And with so much water involved, hiring a licensed professional to do the work is very important.

The team of expert Panama City Beach electricians at Haid Electric can assist you with any hookup. Whether the pool or spa is already installed or you are planning on getting a brand new one put in, just give us a call. We have an in-depth knowledge of all National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements to ensure your pool will not only meet the national standards, but will also be safe for all your guests.

NEC Pool/Spa Requirements:

  • GFI protected equipment
  • Bonding for all metal parts
  • 18″ depth for all UF cable and PVC
  • 6″ depth for all EMT conduits
  • A convenience receptacle within 6 to 20 feet

shutterstock_146581277These standards are designed to keep everyone in and around the pool/spa safe. While drowning will always be the biggest danger of swimming, electrocution is also a very real and present danger. Protect yourself and your guests by hiring a Haid Electric licensed professional to hook up your system. Combining years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of the most current regulations, we are able to deliver quality service to all clients.

A pool/spa can be the focal point of any backyard, especially in Panama City Beach, where the weather allows it to be used almost all year. If you’re thinking about adding a pool or spa or both, contact us at Haid Electric.