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shutterstock_280377470As one of the most recognizable, but also the most overlooked aspects of any structure, lighting can really change the entire look and feel of a space. Specializing in maintenance, installation and design, we’re able to assist you at every step at Haid Electric.

From large commercial buildings to restaurants to residential homes, lighting sets the tone. In thinking about the function and purpose of a space, lighting plays an integral part. Designing a layout that will enhance a space is an intricate process. There are many factors that come into play when you begin designing a lighting plan, such as location, style and type of light. With these in mind, our team of licensed professionals at Haid Electric can create a layout that serves all your needs.

Besides look and mood, lighting can also play a big part in how much energy you are using. Depending on the space, there are a lot of options for lighting. Using different types of bulbs (e.g. LED, fluorescent, etc.) or different sizes can drastically cut utility costs. It’s hard to argue with lower monthly bills!

shutterstock_75861232Lighting can also be used to accent the outdoors. Panama City Beach is a beautiful, beach town. With the correct placement and use of outdoor lighting, you can highlight just how beautiful it is. And it is not just for beauty that outdoor lighting can be used. In some instances, an outdoor space may just need light for function. Regardless of what the reason is, the licensed electricians at Haid Electric can help you.

Don’t go another day living in the dark. Let us help you figure out the best plan for solving your lighting needs. We can help you see better; highlight the beautiful Panama City Beach landscape; upgrade your current plan; lower your current costs; or just about anything you are looking to do.